Catch's EZ Clutch






The wheel is a plastic one available in hardware or home improvement stores that is used inside sliding screen doors top and bottom (4) to slide on a raised aluminum rib.  The block and angle iron are scrap and  I cobbled that up myself.  Most wheels have a small clevis and spring. Remove the clevis by drilling out the rivet and remove the rivet that holds the long flat leaf spring to the clevis.  Run a small long bolt (6 or 8 x 32) into the hole in the clevis with a clutch cable barrel (like is already on the end of your clutch cable) placed on it and secure it with a double nut.  Replace the clevis rivet with a small bolt through the wheel after threading your clutch cable end  through it.  The clutch cable end attachs to the home made retainer as in the picture.  The retainer should be the right length, and can have several mounting holes until you get it right.  Make sure the unit allows your clutch to have some play before it engages..  Adjust the unit and your on your way…… If it fails the original clutch cable can be reattached as it was to start with.

Hope that helps.  Let me know how it works and if you are happy with it.  Catch



This is a very quick web page I have 'thrown together to make the details of this useful device available on  'The Web'.  I can take no credit for the design of the device, this is the work of Martin Kesler (Catch).


On the other hand, Martin is not responsible for the crudity of this page for which I apologise.


Rob Frankham 11/9/03